Crowd Cheering


The Timothy Aycock Melanoma Research Foundation (TAMRF) is a 501C3 non-profit that operates 100% by volunteers. Through the generous support of our donors we have been able to raise over $350,000 to help find a cure for this terrible disease.

Tim Aycock’s eight-year survival of metastatic choroidal melanoma emerged from a tenacious spirit and the willingness to try experimental clinical trials, expanding the range of treatment for everyone. In his life as with his treatment, he was always pushing the envelope, for himself and others.

TAMRF continues Tim’s heroic battle against melanoma by donating to cutting edge and innovative melanoma research treatments.


“Never give up on optimism, no matter how tedious and uncertain things are.”

Tim Aycock


Symbolism in the logo

The logo for Tim’s foundation is based on the Eye of Horace which was a symbol worn by Egyptians to ensure good health and to ward off sickness.  It stands for healing and protection and is also called “the eye of God”.